Let's Go For know about Our Activity and Experience

Win Joyful Life trading co. ( B.S.I Group) founded in 1988 by Taiwan Jeanwan Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales group of dyestuffs and auxiliaries. Jiangsu Dawan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is responsible for the product manufacturing and quality control for B.S.I. group. B.S.I. sales product of disperse dyes (Mekicron), acid dyes (Sunacid), cationic dyes (Scation), reactive dyes (Sunazol) and auxiliaries for textile and paper industry. These products are sold all over the world not only with sound quality control and cost performance but with powerful technical support which is also an important link between our company and clients. In recent years, our company constantly researches and develops innovative high color swiftness and environmentally friendly products such as easy-wash-off dyes or low energy consumption process. And, under the promotion in conjunction with leading brands in China, these eco- products have created a certain amount of market share. Bluesign builds an environmental certification system premised on sustainable development of the entire textile supply chain. "Bring Sustainable Innovations” is a new interpretation of the B.S.I. Due to the same philosophy we choose to join Bluesign as a system partnership which not only shows our positive social responsibility to the earth environmental protection but also hopes to review our need and challenge ourselves by Bluesign’s advanced concepts. Since Jiangsu Dawan joined Bluesign system, we have established a closer relationship and benign interaction with an upstream supplier in order to strengthen the input stream quality control. For improving monitoring ability, we established a chemistry laboratory cooperated with a famous China national university and invested mass of human and equipment. Jiangsu Dawan had passed “New High-tech Industry” certification in 2012 and applied for several inventive patents. B.S.I. will continuously focus on research and development of cleaner production and environmentally-friendly products. We expect to gain more brand recognition all over the world, and contribute ourselves to the global sustainable development value of textiles.